Monday, September 15, 2014

Eli - before the diagnosis part one, birth to 12 months

Eli Leishman - Sweet, sweet innocent Eli.

Eli was born on March 31st - 2009.

Pregnancy - My pregnancy with Eli and his birth was uneventful. It was a beautiful, natural labor and all went well. He was 8 pounds even and nursed for four hours immediately after being born! He was born in a birthing center near our hospital. The midwife just allowed him to nurse as long as he liked until he was good and ready for all that newborn routine stuff. He loved to nurse and then eat when he became old enough to.

He was especially chubby from 3 to 6 months! We already had one very active little girl, Laya was 21 months old when he was born. She was all smiles and excitement when we brought him home. She said "baby, baby baby!" over and over.

We didn't notice anything abnormal until he started walking. He took steps at around 10 months old and it took him a lot longer (at least in our mind, compared to our older daughter) to get good at walking. He just seemed a little wobbly and would fall over easily. We just thought it was because he was so top heavy, being what a chubby little cutie he was!! At 12 months he could say the basic sounds and words like, ball (bah) Dog (dah) Dada (dah), and all done (ah dah).

We had so much fun with him during that first year. He was hilarious and so sweet.


Newborn Eli - Laya's little buddy. Standing (with help of course!) at 2 months :)

Eli - 4-5 months - Peekaboo, tummy time, giggles, exer-saucer fun, "talking/singing"

Eli - 6-8 months Sitting, scooting, rolling over, scaling furniture, pulling himself up

Eli - 10-11 months, push walking, blowing raspberries, funny boy, peekaboo, dancing or "head banging"

12 months old - first steps, walking around, birthday cake, first words, more dancing!