Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holiday Happenings!


We've had a series of colds, the flu and fevers. It's gone through all of us except Laya.  

Laya  Helping - Laya decided she wanted to help me out by putting Evan to bed for me. It was funny to watch her. (She let me do the diaper change!) Then she struggled to keep him lying down as she put his pajamas on. It was cute to watch her talk with him so sweetly, like she was the Mother, trying to be patience with his endless wiggling! 

Laya - Laya had an up and down day today. At one time she was raising her voice and throwing popcorn kernels on the floor and putting off doing her homework by irritating everyone else in the house. Later she was acting sweet, apologizing and hugging me. My Dad always told me I was moody, now I'm paying for it. :)

HAB - This morning Nicolle was here doing Habilitation with Eli. She brought Eli and Evan into the toy room to play and told me that the boys were being so sweet with her. Rubbing her back, cuddling and giving her hugs. They were also blowing her kisses. They are so cute. 

12/18/2014 - Today Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elf came and brought presents. Hospice arranged this! It was so fun. Santa doesn't knock, so he told us to leave our front door open. The kids (especially Laya) were so surprised!

My Family - We had a really fun trip to Utah this Christmas. It wasn't too bad of a drive up. We stopped and took a walk for about 30 minutes. Had a relaxing time, except Evan screamed the last 2 hours and we got there at 10:30pm. But then we had a really nice time at my Mom's house. I loved hanging out with the nieces and nephew especially, they are so cute. My favorite day was the day we all got together and made gingerbread houses. Mom found some cute small houses for each kid to decorate and then the adults did ours afterwards. It was just a really nice time. Everyone laughed and had fun together. Mom even got Brad, Cody, the girls and I to go Christmas caroling with her. We ran around the neighborhood and laughed and sang. 

 Grandma and Grandpa Litchfield with some of their great grand kids! They recently returned from a mission in California, so it was really good to see them. 

Making Gingerbread houses!

 Yes Amy and Nichole are both expecting! Amy is due in only a few more weeks now, they are both having boys. 

 The kid's gingerbread houses. Thumbs up Bailee!

 All of the adults made one as well. Oh I just noticed the P for their last name!

 Mom made some yummy food while we were there. Here is the wreath shaped calzone!

 Evan getting into trouble

 More trouble..
 Henry and Lucy

 Beautiful Brad
 The wrestling coach working on some new recruits

 Eli likes his light up music toy!

 Bailee and Henry. Henry doesn't look worried at all, does he?

 Cody made this game for my Dad and Mom. Awesome! 

Skateboard Video!!

Here is a video of the skateboards that my Dad made for all the grand kids. They had so much fun!

Brad's Family - We drove up on Christmas Eve (evening) to Logan with Brad's family. Santa came to Grandma's house. The kids had a fun time playing with all of their cute cousins. I love seeing them since it's not often I get to see them! We spent a relaxing day having dinner and opening presents. Laya played out in the snow multiple times with her cousins. Evan tried to, but it was too cold for his hands and he fell down too easily. I'm SO glad we don't have snowy winters here. It is so nice to be able to go outside throughout the entire year! One of the days we went to the mall with Lori's family and bounced on a bouncy land they had there. The kids loved that. Laya was thinking about getting her ears pierced, but then got scared and changed her mind. Carrie invited us over for dinner on Sunday evening. Lots of fun times. 

 Watch out, Brad is going to get you Victoria!! Yeah Brandt, you better run!

 Eli and Lori

 Laya and Victoria

 Kimball, Madalyn and Gabrielle

 all the girls with Sydnee! Laya is sporting the new hat she got, she says she is a tom boy, so she's been wearing it to school almost every day this week. 

 The Triplets, Nathan, Josh and Zack with Kimball. 

 The girls are involved in Gymnastics, lots of tumbling going on!

 Opening presents with Grandma and Grandpa

 Kimball is obsessed with Mario and is amazing at video games (he's only 3!). Here is Kimball and his Dad, sporting their Mario and Luigi hats!