Wednesday, July 29, 2015

June and July, 2015

Journal Entries

Today I brought Laya and some friends to an Arts Camp. They had different classes on things like, drawing/painting, singing, acting etc. Laya had a great time. It was at a church that’s about 25 minutes away, St. John on the Desert. She was there from 9-3.

I worked on cleaning the house all day, which is very backed up since before our trip and summer break. I’ve got 5 rooms completely clean with 3 more to go. Those rooms haven’t looked that good in a long time! I played with the boys and took care of them in between cleaning. They are so much fun. I was able to focus more on cleaning when Brad took the boys, and I had a great time. I haven’t had any time alone in weeks. It felt great!

Eli - Cute boy, having a harder time getting around which is frustrating for him, but he is SO patient.

Evan - He is busy getting into things as always, but he behaves much better when I take the time to sit with him and play. He loves his pacifier and his blanket so much. He wanted them a lot today. He sure does know what he wants, he tells me no about wanting certain things all the time. He is such a picky eater, I can’t believe it. I will hold a spoonful of food to his mouth (usually fantastic, yummy food from my fantastic cooking skills :) and he will barely let his tongue touch it before he says, no and pushes it away. So crazy.

June 15, 2015
Laya helped out around the house a lot today. She also decorated all her baptism invitations, did a great job.

Tuesday July 7
Last week Amy, Bailee, Lucy and James Hadfield all stayed at our house. They came with my parents for the baptism, but then stayed an extra 4 days. I had so much fun having my sister around and her cute kids. It was a bit crazy having 6 kids under 8 around here, 4 of them in diapers:) but a fun adventure! We all got along wonderfully!

Brad's parents came and stayed for a week, they did a lot of fun stuff with Laya and helped me out tons.

My Parents came for the Laya's baptism, we had a great time with them, My mother's parents Grandma and Grandpa Litchfield even showed up. I was so surprised to see them and so grateful to them for making the effort to drive all the way down here. It was nice to see them and have them support us and Laya.

I drove my sister back to Utah with Laya and Eli. My sister was so nice to watch Eli for me while Laya and I had a fantastic Mother/daughter date at Lagoon.


I took Laya and Eli up to Lori (Brad's sister) in Idaho. We spent the 4th of July with them and had a great time doing fireworks, swimming and hanging out. We really did pack a lot into two days with them. We all loved getting to spend some time with them up there, so much fun. 

Drove down the next day to spend with my parents, ashley/ryan, cody/nichole and I got to see Cody/Nichole's house they are building. So excited for them. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.

I drove home the next day with Laya and Eli. It took me at least 16 hours. Long day, but it wasn't terrible.

Tuesday July 14
I was excited today because I finally figured out how to set up Eli's gate trainer properly. He was walking around with it for the first time! I was so happy, I knew he could use it if we could get it in the right position for him, because before he just didn't understand how to do it and couldn't really. Now I have him leaning forward and with the wheels locked in a straight position, he is able to do it. 

Evan has been very funny, busy, loving and clingy. He was sad when I left for the weekend to go to Utah and I think has been very clingy to me since then.

Saturday, July 18, I ran 6 miles for the first time ever. I slept in Eli's bed a little bit last night, cause he was having a hard time. He was so cute and cuddled with me long time. 

Evan was funny today. I cut his hair, it was very hard. 

Brad is awesome, he wants to learn how to build apps. He's almost finished with a game of Tic tac toe (with a bomb as a twist) as his first step toward learning the language.
Laya had a better day, I showed lots of love to her but was still on strike (not letting her do any extra things until she started treating me with more kindness). She didn't have any large outbursts and was pretty good!

Sat July 25
Laya asked Alex (Eli's respite provider) if he was a carrier of any disease. He said no and she warned him that he better watch out cause if he was a carrier and married someone who was, they would have children with a disorder. She told him, "but I am not a carrier." And just walked away.

Eli has a difficult time getting around by crawling, but if the back door is open, he always manages somehow to get out of that door and enjoy being outside, he is amazing.

Evan has developed further, he has much more attachment to his mom and dad, asks for us and displays fear of new people or situations. He also asks for his paci and his blanket anytime he wants comfort, he is a smart boy.

Monday July 29 - Ran 7 miles today, the most I've ever run! Once a week I will run my long run and then two shorter runs a week. I am training for the Suagaro 8 mile race coming up in September.

Tuesday, July 28 - Eli is doing well right now, besides his spitting up and gradual decline in coordination, he seems stable. No major health problems. I am counting my blessings!

Evan is also doing well, loving preschool and riding the bus with a healthy amount of hesitation. He communicates well in ways that he is able to.

Laya has been more polite these last few days, after I went on strike with her. No more yelling at Mom. She seems to respect me more now. I have been working hard on my patience and being a good example by staying calm and loving.

Wednesday, July 29 - Eli has been spitting up more again, frequently throughout the day as well as at night, even though I don't use the pump to feed him at night and I try to do his last feeding by 5:30. He still is up for an hour or so and usually coughing and spitting up in his bed around an hour after I lay him down. We may need to increase his reflux medicine or change the type. The nurse is in process of contacting our Pediatrician about it.

School started last week...yay! Even though it is still HOT in Tucson, mixed with Stormy afternoons and evenings, school just started. We have year round school here, so we only have 6 weeks off in the summer. I actually feel like I have time to keep up with the house now! 

Laya is in 3rd grade and very motivated to never get on orange or red (the naughty colors). She really wants to get on blue and purple (the good colors). 

Eli is in 1st grade and just going half day in the afternoon. He has some respite hours in the morning at home. 

Evan just started preschool at an inclusive preschool that is completely set up for children with special needs as well as main stream kids. He has been doing well and very excited to ride the bus. Sometimes he doesn't want to get off the bus to go to the classroom. I send him with his pacifier and blanket and he loves it. He hesitated to get on the bus at first, but then saw the other cute kiddos strapped in their little chairs and decided it was ok. 

He did not even look back at me when I dropped him off for his first day of preschool. He was too busy playing!

                                                                Evan's Preschool teacher!

 Evan's Respite Provider Suehelen

Choosing happiness...yay! I am done complaining! I am done feeling sorry for myself. I am choosing happiness and gratitude. I am done talking about the disorder more than I need to (unless I'm trying to raise awareness!) and I'm tired emotionally. I just want to be happy...and for the most part, I really am! Focusing on my family, the Lord and getting rid of things I don't have time for has really helped. I can do all those other things later. Right now, my family needs me.