Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eli's Wish Part One

Since Eli couldn't tell us what he would want for a wish, we wanted to do something he would enjoy with his family. We know that all he really wants to do is to be with his family, laugh and have fun with us. The volunteers with Make a Wish told us about a place called Give Kids the World, which is a place in Florida specifically built for kids like Eli. We thought it would be perfect, and it was! 

There is hope and still many good people in this world! These two organizations reminded me of that:

Make a Wish foundation
  • Wonderful Organization
  • Provided everything we needed plus more
  • Listened to everything we said to provide the best experience for Eli possible
  • Respectful and great volunteers to work with
  • Good name and standing, Eli was treated like a superstar wherever he went being the "wish child"

Us with Brandon, a volunteer from Make a Wish who helped get everything set up! 

Give Kids the World Village
  • Fun, magical place
  • Wonderful volunteers everywhere to give whatever was needed, they anticipated our needs
  • Lots of free amenities; ice cream, food, rides, games, parks, pools, parties and more!
  • Presents for the kids each day.
  • They celebrate holidays and other fun things each week for kids who may not make it to their next holiday. 
  • Cute, large Villas provided with everything we needed. 
  • Gave us tickets to all the major Florida parks and attractions, we didn't have to wait in any long lines, it was amazing!

Give Kids the World